Driving a new force.

Time is expensive. It is easy to waste and difficult to make. Applying an innovation mindset gives businesses new ways to use their time more effectively. Innovation itself is a buzzword. It is the “bleeding edge,” “outside of the box,” “core competency” of today’s business speak. At LogMeIn we drop the buzz and focus instead on getting everyone to speak the same language.

Creating a mindset where rapid prototyping, customer feedback, and design sprints are celebrated is how we show the business that proving new ideas doesn’t exhaust its resources, but instead drives a new force of open mindedness and entrepreneurship inside the very problem they’re trying to solve.

Validate with Design Thinking.

At its core, Design Thinking is a process for evidence-based, creative problem solving. There are five phases to the process — empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test. Applying this mindset allows teams to win by quickly aligning around a problem, validating that it is in fact a problem, and learning if the solution they’ve imagined solves that problem. This allows us to reduce risk, learn quickly, and increase the chances that our solution is innovative and not just an incremental feature or update.

Actually listen to the user.

Users will lie straight to your face with a smile on. This is why being user focused doesn’t mean just listening to your users, it means focusing on their actions. We believe understanding the needs of the customer means getting a prototype in front of them and watching them interact with it naturally. Leave the new product trends report and the exhaustive user research analysis at the door, and instead go meet your users in their world. We have proven that in just five user interviews, any team can rapidly vet a new hypothesis. Get out of the office and get into the world!

Clearly define your goal.

What is the goal? How do you quantify success? Define clear answers to each of these questions before anything else when beginning a project. Stick it on the wall. Reference back to it regularly. Defining a clear goal gives your project scope, aligns your team, and proactively dispels conflict within the organization. Setting the north star and saying
“this is where we need to go, how do we get there?” does two important things. First, it shows your team that you’re all equals at the table, that you trust them. Second, it fosters an innovative mindset. Where the business mindset solves problems, the innovative mindset discovers opportunities. It all starts with a clear goal.

We’re up for the challenge.

If innovation was easy, every team would already be successful. The reality is that innovation is a challenging process and teams already have a lot of priorities. There isn’t always enough time in the day to step back and see the forest through the trees. Just as other teams at LogMeIn use agile or scrum to help reach company goals, the Innovation Team uses the Innovation Playbook as a guide to success. When applied correctly, this Playbook can be a powerful tool to help any team gain a competitive advantage or overcome hazardous problems. Happy Innovating!

Join us in shaping the future.

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