Ready. Set. Grow.

Innovation is the foundation of LogMeIn. It’s how we started and how we still work. LABS is our commitment to creativity and the continued pursuit of solving big problems.


We empower teams across the organization to move at startup speed, failing fast and succeeding often.


We validate potential business opportunities by systematically 
de-risking assumptions and 
doing accounting.


We guide the organization through opportunities and threats of emerging technologies and social trends.


We educate and inspire our employees, customers and shareholders by sharing best practices and success stories.

We move fast.

Innovation isn’t just a buzzword for us. We test our ideas quickly and we engage fearlessly. Check out our most recent innovations.

One-click Video Meetings


OpenRoom is a no-download video conferencing solution that allows users to start meetings with a single click using their custom named OpenRoom link.

Your Family’s Digital Lockbox


LockBox is a personal sharing app for sharing secure notes, documents, and IDs with your immediate family.

Textable AI Assistant is a textable human-assisted A.I. solution that calls and makes appointments on your behalf.

Conference Call Side-kick

Meeting Remote

Meeting Remote is a mobile app that gives users the ability to start or join and in-room video conference call in just two clicks.

Join us in shaping the future.

LABS at LogMeIn wants you! We are constantly searching for new product ideas and feedback. Join our mission for a limitless future.

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